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June 13 - 20, 2015: Our hosts were very helpful and this is by far the best equipped rental house we have ever stayed in! They provided everything one could imagine needing! It was terrific that our dog could stay with us! The island IS very secluded - many lovely quiet coves to enjoy. The ferry/ water taxis are rather pricey so we never left the island and I do wish we had taken better provisions. The groceries are basic. The highlight was the island talent show! Thank you both again!

Christi and Tim, Columbus, Ohio

June 20 - 27, 2015: This is our third year returning to this lovely --island cottage--every detail, right down to the sailing décor and sea-glass filled vase on the window sill --invites me to relax, unwind, and re-calibrate. Just a few amenities I so appreciate in this cottage: The inviting deck for coffee in the morning and a glass of wine and delicious meal in the evening, --with the laughter and joy and remembrances of family and friends--the perfectly utensil filled, appliance provided, dish/glassware stocked kitchen--it will be like home--you could bake and cook and saute, but you may find yourself instead--treating yourself to a pre-made dinner/dessert or just a few lobsters (yes everything you need in this kitchen) from one of the two local markets (one is less than a mile away ); the comfortable pillows and blankets on the couches, there is a fantastic fold out table in the living room where we put together puzzles --we start it when we arrive and finish it during the week, then there is the lovely deep soaking tub--to enjoy after a day of enjoying the island-- One morning the weather was a bit foggy and cool and misty, I was able to read, snuggled under a blanket on the living room couch and I watched two deer walk silently along the side of the house--we both looked at each other--I was still and they froze--then they simply walked on and I went back to my book--this is a place that if you slow down and enjoy the simple things--you will receive many gifts--like the evening when I watched the fireflies and the streaks of lightning from a passing thunder storm compete with each other in lighting up the darkness. This is a comfortable, inviting, beautiful cottage on a lovely island. Think: when was the last time you watched the sunset over a Meadow Pond --try it here--its like eating a potato chip--one is not nearly enough!

Pamela and Family, Waterville, Maine

July 12 - 17, 2015:  We've had a wonderful hot and sunny week at our beloved Crow's Nest Cottage. Even after 10 years, we never stop loving each day in the cottage and on the island. We always find it wonderfully bright, happy, and relaxing.  Highlights of the week included: tonight's (Thursday) concert at the very beautiful Baptist church on Church Turn Road (very cool - we just walked over); hours and hours at Marshall Cove Beach at low tide (actually warm and a delightful swim); drinking morning coffee on the sunny deck; and a few hours at the always delightful and surprising Farnsworth Museum of Art in Rockland. What a treat. And of yes, forgot the awesome coffee milkshakes at the Dark Harbor Shoppe. The best!  Enjoy your vacations! 

Giovanna and David Peebles (Owners), Montpelier, Vermont

July 18 - 25, 2015: We absolutely loved the cottage! It is clean, peaceful and quaint. The owners have obviously put a lot of care and thought into the decor and renovations. We spent plenty of time spent outside on the deck either enjoying a meal or casually reading. Our favorite thing to do, however, was to go on the bountiful amount of hikes in the area. We adored Elaine's Trail (was the most strenuous) and Turtle Point was most definitely worth the overgrown trails because the view was amazing! Broad Point Preserve might possibly have been my favorite hike because we were almost always walking alongside the water and it was great fun to count how many bridges are in the trail (22!). The town beach is a MUST especially nearing sunset to swim in the frigid but refreshing water and sit on the rocky sand with some snacks. The Hutchins Island was beautiful and walking on low tide over to it was a fun journey and the views were also stunning. Marshall Cove was quite fun and we also found a little cove off of Turtle Head which was lovely. We enjoyed the Rabbit Corner Cafe very much and we recommend the grilled cheese and the breakfast burrito. The Dark Harbor Shop was also quite nice as we had ice cream twice there and bought a beautiful scarf. All in all, we loved the cottage so much and cannot find a flaw!

David and Melanie, Guilford, Connecticut

July 25 - August 1, 2015: What an amazing week we had! We spent countless hours walking on so many beaches! We collected so many shells and sea glass, they will be our priceless treasure forever - - so great! We tried to go on a whale watch in Boothbay - - our 1st ever. It was quite foggy, and they played hide and seek, really just hiding. We are enclosing the passes we got back as a payback. You must get the first ferry of the day in order to get to the 9:30 whale watch by the 9:00 boarding. Get to the ferry by 6:30 Am at the latest; we noticed that the 1st ferry fills up fast. Especially on Monday morning. Good luck! There are 5 tickets enclosed, kids or adults. It's standby, so fingers crossed. Call ahead to see how packed they are that day: 1-207-633-3244. The address is 4 Commercial St., Boothbay. Please leave any passes you can't use!  We also ran up to Bar Harbor for a seal and lobster tour - SO great! The lighthouse is a must see! And lots of trips to Dark Harbor shops for ice cream and sandwiches. So much more! This week was exactly what we needed! This house is just perfect - -thank you for all the amazing touches that make it feel like home! So many fun stories we will carry in our hearts forever. (For example - the shocked look of disbelief on the kids' faces when I attempted to explain rewinding the video tape. INSANITY!)  Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home with us. This is a gem on the crown of an amazing secret of an island. We loved every minute! Thanks again! 

Amanda and Family, East Berlin, Pennsylvania

August 1 -8, 2015:  My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary here. We originally honeymooned in Tenant's Harbor and I wished to return to Maine for our 30th. My husband found this and what a terrific spot! We hiked many trails -- even went to Hutchen's Island (low tide!). I love the smell of the pines. Friends came from Augusta for a few days - they donated a blender to your home. Wild raspberries taste terrific! thank you for opening your home to us.

Steve and Kay Fernandez, Kissimmee, Florida

September 12 - 19, 2015: What a glorious week, it was as if we had left Planet Earth for a few days, or as if the ferry was a time machine transporting us back a few decades. We went to three beaches, five times, (various tides); we had hoped to get out to Hutchins Island as the tide was coming in so we could have it to ourselves for a few hours, but that never happened. We scampered out once for a few minutes just before the bar submerged but we weren't prepared to stay for a few hours. Maybe another year.You have done a great job renovating the house while maintaining its historic and Maine island character--it is spacious and sunny with ample indoor and outdoor space (that deck is a winner). As suggested, we made a big supermarket stop before boarding the ferry, but all our needs during the week (which were minimal) were met by the island stores. Even though the weather was perfect except for one overnight rainstorm, we mostly hung out at the house, it is that comfortable. One of us read three books, the other did a jigsaw puzzle and also disposed of a few books. The phone never rang (and we did have a dial tone, I checked) but the internet was there when we wanted it. We were On Vacation. What a glorious week, and the Crow’s Nest was a big part of it. 

Charles and Family, Chelsea, Vermont

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June 21 - 28, 2014: Crow's Nest - our home away from home. Thank you for all the wonderful details you continue to maintain in your perfect Islesboro cottage! My 15 year old son exclaimed as we carried our groceries in on the arrival day: "Just like home AND an Internet connection too!" He wanted to say that he thinks that to be a "significant upgrade"! A family friend who visited us during the week observed that this was "so beautiful, almost a perfect retreat from the busy-ness a place where you can experience a stillness." She and I spent many hours on the deck and saw deer and listened to the symphony of birdsong - - while soaking up the island sun.We savored memories from island visits past, remembrances and new celebrations with family dinners on the deck, enjoyed lobsters and Durkee's fine selections of salads, olives, wines, etc. I set up my little easel and "fiddled about with connecting oil paint to canvas." I tried painting your beach rose bush onto a huge sea clam shell we discovered on Hutchins Island. On Sunday afternoon and nearly every day after, we packed a picnic and chose a spot - - Marshall Cove, Turtle Head, Pendleton Point - - and spent the time connecting with the stillness within ourselves while becoming fully aware of Nature's busyness around us!As usual , Artisan Book and Bindery, ice cream at Dark Harbor Shoppe, and some treats at Island Market are never missed when we are out here on the island. We want to highly recommend that your guests check out the new Community Center! There's a wonderful cafe. We enjoyed lunch there on the two rainy days we were here. There is an art-full gift shop to support local artisans. Loved it! We look to live joyfully through the next 51 weeks until we can return to Crow's Nest! Thank you!
Pamela and Family, Waterville, Maine

July 5 - 12, 2014: We had a nice relaxing stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are some nice hidden beaches that we discovered! Our dog really, really enjoyed the sea. Nice getaway to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary. Thank you for the board games - - we had a lot of laughs!

Chris, Claudia and Benji, Montreal, Canada

August 9 - 16, 2014: We absolutely loved the island. Total total relaxation.. Once on the island we had no desire to go to the mainland until it was time to go..  We did some exploring but  everyday we made sure we were at the town beach at some point.   We played the board games at night, read, enjoyed our breakfast every morning on the deck.  Weather was fabulous.  The people were wonderful..  Maine is full of beautiful places and we thank you very much for opening your home and allowing us to be able have a wonderful week with family.. Lot of good memories.  The island is an absolute treasure. Thanks again.

Gina and Family, Greenville, Rhode Island

August 16 -23, 2014: Peaceful, restful. good way to stay with our American children, far away from Switzerland, ocean versus Lac Leman. Yesterday night campfire on the beach was a sweet farewell to the island. Islesboro is a gem.

Teddy and Christine, Julie and Timothy

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June 15 - 22, 2013: Savoring All the Moments and Experiences of Your Special Islesboro Cottage

As I sit and sip a cup of tea on your deck this morning, I am savoring all the moments and experiences of your special Islesboro cottage. If I were to "dream" of an island cottage, your Crow's Nest would be so much a part of my dreams. From the gorgeous peace and relaxation from the deck, to the functional and modernized kitchen, the warm living room, lovely comfortable bedrooms, and the luxurious claw foot tub (I took many bubble baths each morning before beginning the adventures of the day)......I encourage any visitor to Crow's Nest Cottage to allow time to slow down, get in touch with the amazing beauty and spirit of the place..... A secret revealed around every corner if you open your senses.....

Pamela and family, Waterville, Maine

July 7 - 13, 2013: A Perfect Summer Getaway

Many thanks for a great week! We loved grilling our lunch and dinner every day and watching the doe and her fawn visit the back meadow. The house was so well stocked and we needed nothing! A great week filled with tennis, biking, walks, croquet, books, and board games made for a perfect summer getaway.

Kara and Bryan, Watertown, MA

July 13 - 20, 2013: A Guide to the Practical Island Adventure (An Excerpt)

Drive north on Main Road to Turtle Head Cove. At low tide, walk the shoreline to the point of the island. Wear sturdy shoes. At other times, drive further on the dirt road leading to Turtle Head Point (disregard the "Private Road" sign as it leads to the public beach). Enjoy any of the three trails that take you to the northern tip of the island for a spectacular view. Head out to Hutchins Island at low tide. Walk out to the far rocky point then walk around the island. Be sure to bring a snack. Before or after the Hutchins Island hike, walk Elaine's Trail. This is a truly gorgeous and secluded hike. Look for the beaver dams. Fun trails with interesting bridges and ferns that smell sort of like pineapple. Also a good place for a snack (there's a perfect bench with a perfect view) half way around. Change your smelly hiking clothes before going to the Dark Harbor Shoppe for ice cream. It's a gathering place for those with large summer cottages, also the location of very tasty maple walnut and blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Drive south to the town beach at the southern tip of the island - Pendleton Point. Enjoy the amazing rocky shoreline during low tide. Plan your first annual (or any subsequent) honeymoon at Crow's Nest Cottage! Thank you!

Valerie and Jim. Richmond, VA

July 20 - 27, 2013: Crow's Nest Cottage, So Quiet and Relaxing

Thank you for sharing Crow's Nest with us. We had a wonderful time here, so, so quiet and relaxing. Our lab, Iris, loved it too! We'll miss the friendly people waving, this gorgeous island, and your welcoming cottage. Not having cable and Wi-Fi "allowed" our teenagers to truly connect to the beauty around them and each other. You cottage had more than we expected, we especially enjoyed the tons of magazines, books, and movies. You are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place and we feel fortunate to have been here for a whole week!

Doina, Marius, Clara, and Adam, Beaconsfield, Quebec

August 3 - 8, 2013: A Great Week

Thank you for the great week. We took full advantage of the warm sunny weather and hiked, ran, swam, walked, biked, and kayaked this beautiful island. In between, we slowed down to read, nap, and cook yummy meals in your well-appointed kitchen. The deck was perfect for dining. We finessed the art of waving at cars, as we noticed various methods to this tradition! We recommend a visit to the little library - it's a gem!

Jane, Joe, Matt, and Justin, Warren, CT

August 17 - 24, 2013: Some Highlights of Our Week

Lovely house. Love the open space, gentle breezes, dinners out on the deck each evening. The highlights of the week with a 7 and 11 year old: walk around Turtle Head Preserve; blueberry shortcake at the lobster pound in Lincolnville (fresh wild blueberries, real whipped cream); smooth perfect rocks at Pendleton Point; the playground; Big Tree Beach (wear shoes you can walk into the water with!); we learned that if you hum to the snails they will come of their shells; and the Maine art coop in Lincolnville.

Andrea, Paul, Jonas, and Sophie, Haverhill, MA

August 25 - 31, 2013: A Restful Week in Woods and Water

Thank you for a restful week in woods and water. We hunted for shells and sea glass. Hutchins Island is true to all the rave reviews, amazing to go back at high tide and see the flats and causeway completely submerged as if they were never there. Elaine's Trail (right by Hutchins Island) is a marvelous walk - - lots of lichen, mushrooms, and small wildlife - alas, no sign of beavers this year.

Cole, Corie, and Grace, Ithaca, NY

September 14 - 22, 2013: A Lovely, Relaxing Week At the Cottage.

We took many walks and drives, had lunch twice in the community center and ate fish almost every night. After I left the island, I spent a few hours in Camden, had lunch and then went to the Farnsworth Museum. The ferry ride was lovely both days. Thanks for making us comfortable at your cottage. We have many fond memories and some great pictures!

Kathy and Friends, Brandon, Vermont

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June 23 - 30, 2012: We've had a wonderful time this week - - so relaxing and peaceful. My son (8) enjoyed walking to Hutchins Beach and Island (we almost got stranded on the island when the tide came in and we weren't paying attention, but waded back over to Islesboro over in the nick of time!!). I got caught up in my nature journaling and Andy drew a picture of the amorous bullfrogs at the pond across the road. Thanks for the great vacation and we hope to return again.

Jess, Adrien, and Andy, Amherst, MA

June 30 - July 7, 2012: Thank you for sharing the Crow's Nest. We'll be back!!!

Jimy, Stella, Jackson, and Keaton,   Godeffroy, NY

July 7 - 21, 2012: Sunset. Melancholy at the idea of departing tomorrow. Drove the island one last time today. It is the same length as Manhattan, more or less, and this amazes me still. The island are worlds apart.  I will remember the ferry landing at sunset, the hike to Turtle Head, Moxie from Durkee's, that house west of Bounty Cove (!), and driving down every road marked "private" only to get a friendly wave from a "lady in white." I will be back!

Eric, Brooklyn, NY

July 28 - August 4, 2012:  You have a beautiful little house here...very cozy and comfy, bright and cheery. We found everything here that we needed for the week - - couldn't have asked for anything more. This vacation was planned specifically for our dogs, as they have "vacationed" at the kennel during some of our more recent trips. The dogs loved it here! Loved the hiking trails, beaches and swimming, as well as sunning themselves afterwards on the great deck. It was perfect for them. Thank you for allowing them to come along and stay with us.  Thank you for everything! We had a wonderful week on the island. The sea glass collecting was great. There were many more beaches to explore than we had time for. (PS Your bed is really comfy!)

Donna and Peter, Willington, CT  

August 4 - 11, 2012:  We really enjoyed exploring Turtle Head. For people wanting to explore Turtle Head, the road leading to it is not private... go and explore! At the beach there, we built a fort with over 200 pieces of drift wood. We wanted to stay there forever. Thanks for the care package; the info really helped us find our way around the island. We biked to as many of the Preserves as possible, our favorite being Turtle Head. Swimming and lunch at Big Tree Beach, cookout and kayak at Pendleton Point. We also visited the museum near the ferry terminal. The lady there was a wealth of information. We all had a great time and the cottage was one of the best we have rented. Thanks for letting us share this beautiful place!

Scott, Christine, and Elise, Ballston Spa, N.Y.

August 25 - September 1, 2012: We had a wonderful, disconnected time on Islesboro. We took in every cove we could reach and found enough shells to fill two mason jars. The walk around Hutchins Island at low tide was a highlight. Our 6 year old loved the park and the lighthouse - - both required 2 trips! The story of Rocky was especially entertaining. Dark Harbor Shop's ice cream was a perfect mid-afternoon treat. Our dog loved the family time and spent her mornings looking out the windows at all the birds. We especially liked biking along the dirt roads without a worry of traffic. It won't be forgotten that Claire's first bike ride free of training wheels happened on Islesboro. The locals were usually very helpful to us mainlanders and I am sure we provided enough laughs for them. It's a great, quiet place to get away and the perfect respite to end the summer. Thanks!  

Ed, Marianne, Claire, and India,  Salem, MA                            



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July 2 - 9, 2011:

Wonderful experience, staying on Islesboro! Our first visit. Very relaxing. Weather amazing! Beaches peaceful, we always had a beach to ourselves…. Town Beach and Big Tree our favorites!! (Kids loved the swing at Big Tree!). We explored the island and did meet Kristy Alley at Dark Harbor ice cream shop. Crow’s Nest was perfect for us!! The cottage was clean, airy, and was a delight to come home to every night. Dinner & drinks on the porch in the evenings. We spent a day off island so that the boys (12 years old) could kayak.


I am 12 years old. To me, this vacation was fun, I loved riding my bike to Durkee’s with my friend, fishing off the little dock across the street, and going to Big Tree Beach because it has a swing. I rented kayaks [on the mainland, from Duck Trap Kayaks] and slept in a tent. At first I thought it was going to be bad because there are no cell phone bars and no cable but there were so many things to do that it was fun. And there were lots of movies! It was great!

Karen's son

Karen and family, Danvers, MA

July 9 - 16, 2011:

Very pleasant stay - - excellent weather for the kids, sailing 5 days in a row - - a miracle. The house is very well equipped and everyone was comfortable. Thanks!

Deb and Liz, Delmar, NY

July 16 - 23, 2011:

What a wonderful place this is! We have had a great time at your welcoming cottage. Everything one needs is provided and the island itself is a magical place. We explored different beaches and trails every day. Saw deer in the backyard! Relaxed and ate meals on your beautiful deck and watched sunsets from the wooden swing at Big Tree Beach. Had beverages and treats on our daily visit to Dark Harbor Shop. Thank you so much for the information package. Couldn’t ask for more in a vacation. PS. The stars are incredible here!

Cheryl and Skip, Suzanne and Dan, East Hampstead, NH

August 6 - 13, 2011:

Thanks for a wonderful stay in Crow’s Nest! The relaxing best of the island was just what the doctor ordered!

Simon, Pia, and Eloise, Saint-Bruno, Quebec

August 13 - 27, 2011:

Each day was laid before us as a gift- - - - to open and use as we chose - -as is every day, I suppose. An island holiday, however, makes choices much easier.

Jean and Steve, Syracuse, NY

August 29 - September 9, 2011:

Thank you for welcoming us all (.. 4-legged family members included)to stay at your lovely Crow’s Nest Cottage. This has probably been one of our best vacations, great to really (really) get away and enjoy nature, sea, sun, and family. We loved the beach at Hutchins - made that spot our own by building a fire pit out of stone and harvesting mussels for dinner one evening, cooking them on the beach. The bay was calm and great for kayaking off of Pripet... Your home is comfy, cozy and very welcoming.

Maureen and Michael, Holliston, MA

September 11 - 14, 2011:

Thank you much for opening your home to us… for allowing us this (last minute) opportunity, honeymoon-style. This has been a glorious week filled with moments we will treasure, always. The Crow’s Nest is a cozy and charming place and we certainly appreciate all the warmth and thought provided us. We wanted for nothing. The books, games, and films are a nice touch. Everything we needed was precisely within reach (and so clean!). Again, we thank you. PS. TO ALL…. Here on Islesboro and EVERYWHERE, , never forget to explore the side roads….

David and Holly, Lincolnville, Maine

September 25 - 29, 2011:

Wonderful. Quiet. Great weather - - good for hiking. A bit like the Northwest with humidity. Thanks!

Richard and Elizabeth, Carlsbad, CA

October 2 - 9, 2011:

Such a wonderful, restful time at the cottage. We had a mix of weather with several warm sunny days, a bit of fog and finally, rain, as summer surrendered to autumn. Able to gather some wild medicinal “gold thread” and mussel shells for an art project… So, so peaceful. Thanks again. We’d like to return next year.

Mihku and family, Portland, Maine

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