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June 19 - 26: (Excerpts from their 7 day journal)...... Opened the cottage at 4:00 PM, beautiful place, well appointed with everything. Thank God no TV! Had a celebration drink as we relaxed on the deck. Around 5 PM we headed north and made a small loop around Turtle Head region before returning to have dinner…. Slept like you can only sleep on the coast, beautiful fresh clean air…..After combing a couple of more beaches, decided to do the Turtle Head hike. Beautiful moderate trail led us by the ocean and ended up at the tip of the northern end of the island….. Head to Dark Harbor, explore many little coves, some public, some private. Went to town beach. Found some nice sea glass and driftwood…..Had a great stay.

Linda and Tom, Ware, MA

July 3 - 10: Our son lives on the island with his family. We’ve been here before. Your home is very nice, and clean. We will be back in mid-August for another peaceful stay.

Tom and Family, Naugatuck, CT

July 10 - 17: Spent a glorious summer week at Crow’s Nest with 3 of our grown-up kids. What a treat! A few spectacular not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days, warm, real summer weather. Great food, great walks, great reading, great family fun. Today saw a bald eagle sitting on a rock at the Turtle Head Cove Beach…. Was able to walk within a few hundred feet of it and take some wonderful photos before it flew off. Just amazing. We enjoyed our lovely home on this magical island.

The Peebles (Owner family). Montpelier, Vermont.

July 17 - 24: Our first visit to Islesboro and we hope to return! It was a great-weather week: hot, and increasingly breezy and cooler by week’s end with one day of clouds, mist, and rain for good contrast. We sampled everything that was accessible to a family with a 2-year old. The playground structure receives high marks, as does the children’s room at the library, the swing at Big Tree Beach and the picnic tables at Pendleton Point, the mud at Hutchins Island and the shopping baskets at both grocery stores, ice cream at the Dark Harbor Shoppe too….One day we explored Camden and were amazed by its library and grounds - - an idyllic spot for the young and old(er). Another good ice cream day was had there…. Thank you for your lovely clean home - - it was just a great place to come back to the end of the day…This island is stunning - - so happy to have had the opportunity to be here for the week. Thank you.

Heath and Tai, Newton Highlands, MA

July 24 - 31: Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful cottage with us. Our trip was perfect! While I had seen the pictures on your web site, I had never been to Islesboro or coastal Maine at all. I was actually completely unprepared for the wonderful quiet and calm of the island.…We went to one or more beaches every day and we rarely ever saw anyone there. It was like having our own private sanctuary and place of beauty wherever and whenever we chose to go…. I also want to give you a big thanks for your lists, maps, directions, and reassurances. We collected bucketfuls of shells, rocks (and sand!). You really thought of everything which made the whole trip so EASY. There was nothing that we needed or wanted that wasn’t provided and a few things that we didn’t know we needed until we discovered you’d already provided them (dictionaries, annotated map, binder of information). It was so helpful.

Kirsten, Sterling, and Ridley, Concord, MA

July 31 - August 7: It was a wonderfully relaxing week. Cottage is perfect - - very charming and comfortable. Had everything we needed. Weather was great - - lots of sun, some rain, but not too much. Did some biking, but never did get the kayak into the water. Checked out all the points and coves we could find and really loved Turtle Head Point and Pendleton Point…..Vacation was great - - thank you for the use of your cottage.

Sue and Dick, Shelburne, VT

August 7 -14, 2010

So inviting and cozy. Relaxation has a new meaning now. Everyone is very friendly. We enjoyed Dark Harbor ice cream and I especially loved Apple’s. The Island Community Center is a great asset for all - - lunch is yummy; the island is lucky….This is a magical place - - the sun was out every day - - good food, good grilling, good times. Thanks!

Sheila and Susan, West Lebanon, NH

August 14 - 21: We loved the cottage. It was perfect. Thank you for such a wonderful place to stay and enjoy the beautiful island. We had one day of rain but 6 days of fabulous 80+ degree weather. Thank you for the tips on places to visit, I think we’ve seen them all! The beach at Pendleton Point was great. The kids enjoyed walking along the rocks, searching for shells and playing in the water. Turtle Head was a great hike for the entire family and we were so excited about catching the sun-bathing seals at Hutchins Island….What a great vacation this has been for the entire family! Even our 3 year old son stopped in the middle of playing and said, “I love to come to Maine!” To top off all the fun we had, we enjoyed the ice cream from the Dark Harbor Shoppe and homemade pizza and goodies from the Island Market. One of our best vacations! Thank you!

Veronica and David, Lincoln University, PA

August 28 - September 4: Hot Hot Hot week. Came up with Abby our yellow lab. Almost every night was a swim at Turtle Head Cove beach…..Every night was off to see the sunset, most times it was at the lighthouse. Even had a fog evening - - I was hoping for one. Great for hours behind a camera. Took about 1,200 pix. Abby swam every day 2 -3 times a day. She skipped one day towards the end. If you can have your dog look at you and say, maybe tomorrow, then she has had a great stay also.Took in a sunrise at Hutchins Island beach. Deer prints on the beach. ..Saw the bald eagle, but was not fast enough to get a snap off. Deer EVERYWHERE, even saw 2 fawns with spots, noticed all the fenced in gardens. How not to get right to sleep - - walk outdoors and meet up with a couple of running snorting deer. Walked around Hutchins Island - - very nice. Didn’t know you offered island hopping. Walked out to a small island off Hutchins Island. Hmmmmmm…. that’s an island, off an island, off an island - - pretty cool. Thank you.

Scott, Pam and Abby, the yellow lab, Rochester, NH

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June 20 – June 27: A delightful retreat - - slowed us right down, just what we wanted. Cottage a real treat – quaint but very comfortable and well appointed. Our weather left us wanting to see more sunshine - - in the week we had a total of 6 hours of sun on one day! But enjoyed the fog! We enjoyed our hiking and biking ventures on the Island to Turtle Head cove and Point and around Hutchins Island. The rocks are fun. We hope to return.

P.S. The carrot cake at the Island Market is the best and ice cream with jimmies at the Dark Harbour Shop is very good.

Paul and Shirley, Jacksonville, FL

June 27 - July 24: Jenn: We enjoyed a quiet and relaxing week, which was exactly what we needed. We explored the island end to end. Our favorite spot was kayaking in Seal Harbor each day with the seals. We took lots of long walks to Turtle Cove also. Thank you so much for having us at your cottage. Islesboro is now a special place for us and we hope to return. Michael: We really enjoyed the Crow’s Nest. It was clean, cozy, and comfortable. The bedroom was very nice. I’m so glad that Jenn found this place online. We’ve enjoyed visiting this special place. Somehow we managed to kayak at least for 4 days despite only 15 hours of sun. Hoping for good weather these last few days…. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and the wonderful house. This is a nice island to visit. Paddling a kayak while being watched by seals was an experience!

Jenn and Michael, Salisbury, VT

July 4 - 11: We had a beautiful week - - sun for out of 6 days! My son (18 months) loved the rock beaches and would collect rocks for hours. We spent a lot of time at Hutchins Island and watching the tide come in. During nap time and in the evenings we grilled out and relaxed on the deck. This was the vacation we really needed - -the first since our son was born! I was nervous that we would be without Internet (checking into work) but now I realize that was part of what made this vacation so special! This place was perfect for my family and I hope we can return someday!

PS. 18 month old Colin especially loved all the sailboat pictures around the cottage. He now has a new word…..BOAT!

Emily and family, Medford, MA

August 1 - August 8: We had a great week with sun every day! We did a lot of canoeing, hiking and biking this week. Paddled around Seal Harbor (didn’t see seals...), Islesboro Harbor, and over to Warren Island State Park where we spent some time hiking around the island. We biked down to Coombs Cove, and took a picnic lunch to Hutchins Island. Yesterday we took another picnic lunch and biked to the trail head at Turtle Island and hiked around the Head. It was beautiful! … We took some steaks and charcoal and provisions to Pendleton Point one night for a supper cookout. This week’s speaker at the up-Island church was Jamaica Kincaid – very interesting. In all, it was a fun and relaxing week and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pat and Dave, Somersville, CT

August 15 - 28: Days folded gently into one another. The sky, the sea, the lovely meadows embraced us as their own.

Jean and Steve, Syracuse, NY

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June 28 - July 4: We so enjoyed watching deer in the backyard - - our first evening there was a large doe with 3 youngsters, two smaller ones and “teenager” size. Turtlehead is such a beautiful place for walks! I found myself wanting to go slowly along the winding paths, smelling balsam warm in the sun, touching the soft ferns and thick moss, stopping to look across to complex land forms around Penobscot Bay….. We were delighted to discover that the library has a large collection of jigsaw puzzles that one can borrow….. Food highlights: ice cream at the Dark Harbor Shop, lobster rolls and chicken salad at the Snack Shack, a fabulous apple pie from the Island Market. What a cozy, welcoming cottage! Here are some of the many things I’ve enjoyed or appreciated here: the crazy-angled apple trees on the front lawn, the little outdoor lamps that come on at dusk, the lovely open downstairs space that flows from one area to another (and stays cools even on hot days), the many attractive sea-themed images and maps on the walls, the comfy sofas, the firm and comfortable bed in the main bedroom, the extremely efficient ceiling fan in the same room, the beautifully made and efficient “telephone” show attachment,…..the list could go on and on from here. Turtlehead remains my favorite spot on Islesboro - - and one of my favorite places on Planet Earth. What a luxury to live for a week just 7 minutes’ drive away from that paradise….Unexpectedly pleasurable or moving experiences have also been plentiful, including reading epitaphs in the Baptist Church burying ground and sensing the life-stories and family stories behind them….discovering a magical long path leading up from Sprague Cove to Oregon Road….All this was framed delightfully by our comfortable, cheery home base here at Crow’s Nest Cottag. Crow’s Nest is certainly a charming little place to escape the hectic life. I sat on the deck and played guitar or just lounged in the sun, and then when it got too hot (that sun can be mighty fierce!), one could always flee inside to lie on the sofa and read for hours on end. By the end of the week I was utterly relaxed….

Daphne, Nym, and Thalia, New Braintree, MA

July 5 – July 12: We have had a wonderfully relaxing time - - enjoyed every minute of it. Crow’s Nest is a real home away from home - - we particularly enjoyed sitting on the deck and browsing through all your books and magazines. Islesboro is beautiful.

The Williams Family, New York City and UK

July 12 – July 26: It has been very relaxing being island people in your pristine cottage if only for a short time. Thank you for making it possible. We will always remember our time here in the summer of ’08. Being here has been such a joy to us. Seeing the deer in the backyard and hearing the noise they make when they are frightened. Our own little cove not far from the cottage. Thank you so much for letting us share this.

Janet and Bill, Barre, VT

August 16 – 30: It took but a little time to fall into the comfortable rhythm of your cottage and this lovely island. When we weren’t being blessed with blue skies and ocean breezes we were sleeping in the glow of a shimmering full moon and star-studded sky. And what is Maine without a walk along a fog enshrouded beach? A bit of our heart will always be here.

Jean and Steve, Syracuse, NY.

August 30 – September 6: Beautiful! We had a fabulous time. So many adventures! Thank you for your hospitality.

The Funderburk Family, Amherst, MA and Arlington, TX


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July 21 – August 11: Arrived on the 3:00 PM ferry, kayaks on the roof, food I the back of the van…. What a lovely house and lovely pond….Our spot at home sits in a silver poplar grove, so we were warmly welcomed by your poplars! On Sunday morning, several crows visited briefly before 6 AM. The unset over Meadow Pond last night was spectacular…. Islesboro is as beautiful as ever. Saw a bald eagle fly over the house at the end of the day…..The cottage is lovely, comfortable, and homey. All-in-all, a perfect 3 week vacation as we enter retirement.

PS. No TV was wonderful!

Maureen and Peter, North Truro, MA

August 11 - September 1: Thank you! We are back home. Sadly. We could have stayed on a bit longer. We love the island, the scenery, the hiking, the views, that air! The cottage was adorable. We can tell you have put a lot of work and care into it. It was so open and easy. We were very comfortable. The kids really loved the apple trees. We loved watching them enjoy just being. Thank you for helping us find the hidden treasures. Turtle Head was our favorite! Stunning! We also spent quite a bit of time at Pendleton Beach and picnicked at Marshall Cove. We feel lucky to have spent a weekend on Islesboro, such a spectacular place!

Allie, Newburyport, MA

September 1 - 8: [excerpt from a long, daily journal] Wow! What weather! Today was sunny and warm and humid. In fact, except for about 4 hours of cool and cloudy weather on the morning on Thursday every day has been sunny and warm..... On Wednesday we traveled to Rockland to visit the Farnsworth Art Museum featuring works by Jamie Wyeth. An excellent collection complimented by several interesting special exhibits.Any visitor to Islesboro should take a day to visit the Farnsworth........We have enjoyed the fantastic weather and the beauty and solitude of Islesboro once again.

Rod and Marcia, Montpelier, VT  


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June 23 - July 1: Thank you so much for working with us on the rental of your adorable cottage. We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful. I hope that we left the cottage in good shape. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, swept and picked up. A great time was had by all! We worried about our teenage son but I think he really enjoyed the family time. I know I did. Thanks again.

Janet and family, Charlotte, North Carolina

July 1 - July 8: I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much Mary and I enjoyed our stay in your cottage. It was truly relaxing. The house was comfortable, the people were friendly, and it was just such a beautiful place. We absolutely fell in love with Turtle Head Cove, and spent a lot of time swimming and reading there. And, it was a great place for star gazing and sunsets!Thanks so much. We hope to go back next summer.

Gina, West Newton, MA

September 16 - 23: It was a fabulous time. The cottage is so sweet -- enjoyed the comfortable stay among the nautical motif and well-equipped cottage. Islesboro is amazing -- so different from other islands I've explored. Simply gorgeous, homey, and certainly a place I want to revisit. Spent the week painting and exploring -- just love the Hutchins Island and the other "rock one" - saw seals, schooners, etc.Thank you again for sharing this beautiful spot.

Susie, Montpelier, VT